How do you take remote payments with iZettle?

iZettle Payment Links

In response to the global Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis iZettle have reduced their Payment Link or ‘Pay-by-Link’ fee from 2.5% to 1.75%, bringing it in line with their normal face-to-face card fee. This is great for businesses who are used to taking face-to-face payments who are rapidly evolving their business model to handle more remote ways of working. In this article I’ll step you through taking remote payments from customers.

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Budget 2020 – What does it mean for the self employed?

Budget 2020 - Getting It Done

The 2020 budget has been long awaited. Delayed due to Brexit shenanigans, scuppered by a general election, complicated by a change of chancellor and then almost entirely wiped out by a global pandemic, this has been a hard one to get across the line. Across the line it is and Rishi Sunak did an admirable job. So what does it all mean for you hard working self employed folk out there? Let’s find out! Continue reading “Budget 2020 – What does it mean for the self employed?”

How to use an iZettle credit card reader

How to use iZettle to take Credit and Debit Cards

iZettle is one of a growing number of card payment providers who are taking over from traditional merchant services. Being able to handle credit card transactions can transform a small business – it did for me! Today I’m going to take you through how to use iZettle – from initial set-up to configuration of more advanced features such as barcode scanning.

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Is cash dead? …what about cash-in-hand work?

Is Cash Dead

At the time of writing we’re approaching the start of the 2020’s. Physical cash is dead. Everyone wants to pay by credit card or contactless technologies. It’s more professional and it means you no longer need to be an unpaid credit facility for your customers. Money can circulate around your business faster and this can massively promote growth, especially in the early days of self employment. In this article we’re asking the question, is cash finally dead?

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Surviving a Tax Audit in the UK – What did HMRC ask for?

HMRC Tax Compliance Check

There are few things in life more stressful than a tax audit. Just when you think you’re on top of things that little brown envelope comes through the post and inside is an ominous looking letter. Not printer on the usual white paper but instead on a scary looking grey paper. At the top of the letter is says “Check of Self Assessment tax return for the year ended 5 April 2013” (in my case) and it’s accompanied by a leaflet “General information about compliance checks”. You’re being audited by HMRC and it’s time to put your record keeping to the test.

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The Great Cloud Computing Scam

Cloud Computing Scam

I worked in the IT industry for a long time, eventually running the cloud computing division for a relatively large IT company. I can tell you with absolute certainty and from first hand experience that we’re sleepwalking in to a situation that will be massively detrimental to small businesses. If your business relies on software of ANY kind, which is essentially everyone, then this article is relevant to you. It’s your duty as a business owner to understand these issues and plan ahead accordingly.

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