The Dangers of Accidental Data Synchronisation

Microsoft Sync

In my view accidental synchronisation of highly confidential information between internet-enabled devices is one of the biggest security loopholes of the decade. The fact that manufacturers can do this, seemingly without consent, is immensely worrying and something that as a business owner you need to take VERY seriously. You might be careful with your passwords and devices, but are your staff?

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Digital Downloads and the EU VAT MOSS Debacle

HMRC Digital Services Threshold

So there I was on a rainy Sunday afternoon, contemplating finding an alternative to Patreon for certain online services. Patreon is great but I’ve never been comfortable with my supporters on the platform having to pay VAT (Value Added Tax) since I’m personally not VAT registered and don’t need to charge VAT… so my supporters shouldn’t have to pay it. I then stumbled down a rabbit hole of EU VAT regulation, MOSS and a bunch of other stuff that left me wondering whether folk in the EU are going to end up completely excluded from global digital downloads from smaller independent creators?

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Dealing with illness when you’re Self Employed

Dealing with illness when you're self employed

We’ve all been there, you feel ill and not very productive. You want to know if you should forge on or just give up for the day. Dealing with illness when you’re self employed is a challenge for any business. Taking time off results in not making any money. So, how do you make the best use of your time when you’re under the weather?

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