Are Shorts breaking YouTube?

In a desperate attempt to compete with the likes of TikTok and appeal to our increasingly short attention spans, YouTube are heavily pushing Shorts. Ultra-shortform videos, under a minute long and in vertical screen orientation. Almost mirroring TikTok’s Black Mirror-esque promotion of infinite doom scrolling. Ignoring the psychological impact of consuming content in this way there’s a more concerning impact from a business perspective. It’s something I’ve been wanting to write about for a while. Are YouTube actively killing their own platform?

How to use Acronis for your UK cloud backup?

Unless you’ve experienced the sheer devastation of data loss it’s a subject you’ve probably not put much thought in to. As a business owner you have a responsibility to ensure your data is protected – not only to keep your business safe but to keep your customers safe too. Today I’ll show you how easy it is to perform a UK cloud backup with Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office.

How do you buy Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office?

I personally use Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office for my own personal backup needs. Acronis is a big company with 18 locations across the globe and a multitude of products. For the small business owner this can be a little daunting. Don’t panic! The product you’re probably looking to get started with is Acronis Cyber Protect Home office, formerly Acronis True Image. So in this article I’ll explain how to buy Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office.

Is it time to stop using Twitter as a free support platform?

If there’s one thing that the Covid pandemic has highlighted it’s that we’re far from ready for an ‘all online’ approach to running our daily lives. We’ve entered the weirdest phase so far in our juvenile approach to handling sensitive customer data. We’re now positively encouraging people to send personal information via 3rd party public forums, such as Twitter or Facebook. This would be fine if it wasn’t for two things: a) it’s a 3rd party and b) it’s a public forum. Not only is this a terrible approach to customer service but it’s also dangerous and massively short sighted. Is it time to stop using Twitter as a free CRM platform?

Subscription Licensing – Buyer Beware!

I worked in the IT industry for a long time, eventually running the cloud computing division for a relatively large IT company. I can tell you with absolute certainty and from first hand experience that we’re sleepwalking in to a situation that will be massively detrimental to small businesses. If your business relies on software of ANY kind, which is essentially everyone, then this article is relevant to you. It’s your duty as a business owner to understand these issues and plan ahead accordingly.

The Dangers of Accidental Data Synchronisation

In my view accidental synchronisation of highly confidential information between internet-enabled devices is one of the biggest security loopholes of the decade. The fact that manufacturers can do this, seemingly without consent, is immensely worrying and something that as a business owner you need to take VERY seriously. You might be careful with your passwords and devices, but are your staff?