Here’s a full list of all downloadable example spreadsheets that may be useful for your small business. This includes an income and expense tracker, invoice templates and much more. This is just intended as a starting point to get you off the ground. Obviously you can modify these files to suit your own business needs.

Downloads are in .xlsx for Microsoft Excel and .ods Open Document format for the likes of LibreOffice. There are also some .pdf downloads – these can be read with any standard PDF viewer. If you’ve logged in and are having problems downloading the files please refresh the page or press F5.

Taxes and Record Keeping

Downloads relating to business taxes and record keeping - click here to join

Staff Management

Downloads related to staff management - click here to join

Business Management

Downloadable content related to general business management - click here to join

Workload Management

Workload and project management downloads - click here to join

Some of these files will have additional information and instructions to help you use them. You’ll normally find additional information about the download when you click on the file above. If you spot any errors please get in touch and remember if you’re having any problems with downloads not working try refreshing the page first.