You can normally obtain basic analytics data directly from your web host. However it’s useful to gather your own statistics about how many people are visiting your website. Koko is a great privacy-focused alternative to the market leader, Google Analytics.

How do I find Koko Analytics?

Koko Analytics can be found by doing a quick search in the WordPress Plugins Directory. It’s free and very easy to set up. Before you configure this plugin please make sure you’ve read the important accompanying information on this page. This is the plugin you’re looking for:

Koko Analytics for WordPress

What is Koko Analytics?

The biggest analytics platform in the world is probably Google Analytics (GA). It’s free, very powerful and used by the vast majority of websites to track how many visitors they’re getting. The big problem with GA is that it has a whole load of privacy implications specifically related to GDPR.

Koko Analytics is a great alternative since it pretty much removes all of those privacy issues. It’s a very lightweight plugin that tells you how many visitors your website has had.

Google Analytics without cookies? Check out Koko Analytics!
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How I configure Koko Analytics

This plugin is very simple to configure. Just click on ‘Settings’ in the plugins screen. Here’s the settings I like to use:

Koko Analytics default configuration

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Last Updated on 24 November 2020 by Andy Mac