Privacy Policy

Data protection

This website makes use of data protection by design and default. That means it’s designed to gather as little information from you as feasibly possible. There are no adverts that track your every move and cookie use is limited to the bare essentials needed to make the site function.

What is this web site?

The address of this web site is – it should be shown in your browser bar, i.e. in the box you typed this domain name in to or the bookmark you accessed it through. The web site operates under the business umbrella name of MacLellan Creative. Use of this web site indicates acceptance of our Privacy Policy.

What personal data is collected and why?


Comments aren’t used on this site.


You can’t upload your own media to this site.

Contact forms & E-mail

When you submit information via any contact form on this site, the information you type in to that contact form will be sent to me. So for example, if you type your name in the ‘Name’ box, your name will be sent to me. Same applies for all the other boxes on the form. If you type personal information in a box and click ‘submit’ then that personal information will be sent to me. If you would rather I didn’t receive personal information about you then a) don’t type it in to the box and b) don’t click submit. Same applies for e-mails.

Data sharing

Some data is stored on 3rd party systems to make everything work. We always try to keep this to an absolute minimum. For example, if you subscribe to our newsletter then your name and e-mail address will be stored on Mailchimp’s servers, or whoever we happen to be using at the time for mailing list management. If you would rather this doesn’t happen then please don’t send your personal information to us.


Cookies are small files stored on your computer to make web sites work. Pretty much all web sites make use of them. On this site cookies are only used for statistical and analytical purposes. No personal information, such as your name, address, fingerprints etc., are stored in these cookies. To work out where my visitors are coming from, anonomised IP addresses are used by Google Analytics. These can’t be traced back to individual computers.

Embedded content from other websites

Generally speaking, when you embed content on a website from another website then cookies from that website will be stored on your computer. These are known as 3rd party cookies. On this site, through data protection by design and default, we’ve done our best to remove the need for all 3rd party cookies. Embedded YouTube videos use technologies to anonymise or completely remove any tracking. Affiliate links don’t use any tracking directly on this website however bear in mind once you’re on a 3rd party website we no longer have control over your privacy.

How long is your data retained?

If you send us a personal comment via a contact form or e-mail it will be retained indefinitely for historical reference.

Where we send your data

Your data may be securely transferred to organisations for order management and fulfilment purposes. These organisations include but are not limited to:

  • Mailchimp  who look after our e-mail mailing lists

Other than the above, which is essential for things on this site to work, we won’t knowingly share or sell your data outside this business. In the event of sale or transfer of ownership of this business as a whole, all data associated with the business sale would be transferred to the new business owners in whole or in part. This may include but is not limited to all customer information, customer databases and historic order information. This data would become the property and responsibility of the new business owners.

What rights you have over your data

You can request to have a copy of information we hold about you. You can also request for this information to be deleted. This does not include any data we’re obliged to keep for administrative, legal, tax, or security purposes.

Contact information

You can get in touch via the contact form on this web site. Contact forms are discussed above. If you send a message asking for no personal information to be stored then you will have to send some identifying personal information such as your name and e-mail address so we know who you are.

Right to variation

We expressly reserve the right to vary our Privacy Policy at any time without notice. The version published at the time you submitted personal information to us applies.

11 October 2019 – Version 1.1