Every WordPress website in the world can be accessed via the wp-login admin page. If you want to add an extra layer of security you can rename that page. How do you do that? Using a plugin!

How do I find the WPS Hide Login plugin?

The WPS Hide Login plugin can be found in the WordPress Plugins Directory. It’s a very simple little plugin that changes the URL of the default wp-admin page. Before you configure this plugin please make sure you’ve read the important accompanying information on this page. Here’s what the plugin looks like:

WPS Hide Login for WordPress

How do I configure the WPS Hide Login plugin?

This is one of the simplest plugins I’ll be talking about. Once it’s installed just click on the General tab in the menu, scroll to the bottom and add the slug you’d like to use in the Login URL box. For example my-wp-adm. Make a note of what you put in the box. Once you click Save Changes you’ll probably be logged out. You would then log back in via mydomain.com/my-wp-adm.

WPS Hide Login for WordPress

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Last Updated on 24 November 2020 by Andy Mac