Subscription Licensing – Buyer Beware!

I worked in the IT industry for a long time, eventually running the cloud computing division for a relatively large IT company. I can tell you with absolute certainty and from first hand experience that we’re sleepwalking in to a situation that will be massively detrimental to small businesses. If your business relies on software of ANY kind, which is essentially everyone, then this article is relevant to you. It’s your duty as a business owner to understand these issues and plan ahead accordingly.

Top 10 Self Employment Tips in the UK for 2018

I’ve been self employed in the UK for over 20 years. In that time I’ve also worked for conglomerates and set up my own limited companies. In that time I’ve picked up quite a few tips I’d love to share with you. Here are my top 10 self employment tips in the UK for 2018.